How can you resist when you’re already dead?

We live in a world where trained cops can panic and act on impulse but untrained civilians must remain calm with a gun in their face.

January 5th, 2021, Jamal Sutherland 31 was in Palmetto Health mental health facility when he was having a mental health episode. The police were called and Jamal was taken into police custody. While in custody Jamal was having a mental health episode. The video that was released 5 months later is traumatic and heartbreaking to see him being tased 6 times while shackled at the ankles. You may think was he resisting? Was he being a threat to serval officers? The answer is no. He was tased 6 times from what I witnessed with my own two eyes because the officer got frustrated because he couldn’t put the cuffs on a stiffened body could you imagine being tased 6 times and expecting to move like you aren’t hurt?

Jamal was tased for no reason. That’s not all that was done a bag was placed over his head. Jamal cried out that he couldn’t breathe. You can see in the video when they tried to sit Jamal’s body up in the restraint chair his body was limp. 17 minutes!!!! They waited 17 minutes before they called 911 after his body was lifeless.

Jamal was supposed to be at his bond hearing but instead, he was killed. I have written many blogs on black people dying in police custody and being swept under the rug on another blogging platform I had. The very next day my blog was taken down due to “provocative content”. Wow. Instead of taking Jamal to another mental health facility or any other mental health program, he was taken into police custody.

As if having a mental health illness is a crime. I have written many blogs about the importance of mental health in our community not being taken seriously but taken as a threat for something that’s out of your control. Any person with a mental health illness needs help not to be murdered or taken to jail. The video of Jamal can be found on YouTube when you type Jamal Sutherland. I must warn you it’s very traumatic to watch yet another black man lose his life because of the fear they have when they see us. You can be lifeless and they will still yell out stop resisting with gunshots hitting your back and in this case a taser.

It’s tiring and the effect it has on us to constantly see our people being killed is traumatizing. It’s hard to tell the difference between a good cop to a bad one when we see the same cops who are supposed to protect all to not have animosity towards them. We see that they aren’t meant to protect us but to kill us on sight. When has there been a “good cop” that we saw that hasn’t killed a black person for “mistaken” a phone for a gun, or a pack of skittles for a gun, for being able to walk in your house while you’re sleeping and kill you? Where have the good cops been then?

This is our reality this is what’s happening every day all over. I can’t imagine all of the things that have been covered up because it wasn’t recorded. Sadly, we have to question will the officers be charged or not. We sit and wait for yet another black life to be taken before the last one even gets justice. Every black person that is killed hits home when it could’ve been me, could’ve been any one of my family members.

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